Planning Area for Public and Private Tenders

Magas supports companies in the “turnkey” design of individual competition initiatives. Initiatives that concern all product categories, such as: Energy and Commodities, Energy Services, Real Estate Services, Real Estate, Goods and services in Healthcare, Goods and generic services.

It is possible to contact Magas through this website to receive information on the design of Public and Private Tenders.

Market Analysis Area

The market analysis offered by Magas is aimed at exploring new product sectors and possible opportunities in sectors adjacent to the company’s core business.

You can contact Magas to receive additional market analysis for the design of public and private tenders and the finalization of economic offers for your potential customers.

Real Estate Area

The Magas of Marco Gasparri also proposes itself, as a “global” consultant for all services related to real estate, integrating in a single entity able to offer:

Asset management

Strategic consultancy and technical assistance services for the definition and implementation of redevelopment, enhancement, transformation and sales programs for real estate and urban assets.

Property management

to maximize profitability through precise control of costs, advanced management of property services, improvement of the technical maintenance level, management of rents.

Professional technical consultancy

Technical designs, changes in use and transformations, real estate disposals (Rome)